Welcome to the Embrace Case Study at Quarmby Colour. One of our specialties as a business is creating items for live events and exhibitions. We do this through our temporary solutions and bespoke offerings. We have been fortunate in this space to work on some of the greatest shows on earth, including Glastonbury.

We have one client who we regularly get to work with, a brilliant band called Embrace from Yorkshire. Embrace have enjoyed huge success with their albums and singles alike ( Quarmby Colour favourite ‘Good Will Out’ in 1998 ).

We love the band and look forward to working with them every time they come through the doors at Quarmby Colour.

Originally, we worked on the album ‘How to be a Person Like Other People’, working with the team on the album cover brief. They created a beautiful concept of requesting pictures from their fans, what life meant to them. As the images were sent in, we noticed an unbelievable amount of pictures of dogs! The images were filtered through by the band and we shared the content together. Once the files were finalised we worked on them in the design studio, creating a uniformed output. 

These files left the studio and went straight to our VuteK  H5 for full colour print finish and each image digitally cut into separate sections of artwork.

We hand delivered the print direct to the band and their wider team at the photoshoot, and the team applied the print to the back wall and floor of the studio space.

We resized the artwork again for the team to apply to the mannequins at the photo shoot. Throughout the shoot the mannequins progressively had more of the fans artwork applied to them and they became artwork in their own right. The images from the shoot were beautiful and the concept of ‘ How to be a Person like Other People ‘ really came to life through the fans, the time spent on the shoot and the dedication of the band to deliver this artistic interpretation.

So many beautiful images were captured we are unsure as to how they were able to choose one to represent the album.

The album was released in August 2022 and went to number 9 in the UK charts.

Not long after the album was released, we re-produced the album cover for Mickey Dale, as a gift for Richard McNamara’s 50th birthday. Using multiple layered print onto our Samba lightbox material we were able to create an extremely deep black, which blocked the light in specific areas of the artwork, allowing the light to pass through the key focus of the mannequin with the fan artwork applied. We produced the lightbox as a one off using Wall mounted 81TX light box frame with backlit lighting.

We have continued to work with Mickey on his project Experiment 637. They created and recorded powerful album titled SLEEPWATER which was produced during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

We worked with Mickey on the bespoke green vinyl sleeves for the album, printing direct to a clear scratch resistant PVC delivering a stunning translucent finish for the deluxe clear green vinyl. We received a credit within the album notes for our dedication to the project!

We also cut and creased the sleeves using one of our Zund Digital Cutters.




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